Menswear is proving to be a hit this season, with good tailoring at the forefront, alongside the creativity of the designs themselves. Calvin Klein’s Creative Director for Menswear, Italo Zucchelli presented his Fall 2013 collection in Milan last week. The Italian fashion designer has already proved himself to be a skillful tailor and a connoisseur of using unique materials in his designs. His latest collection did not disappoint and Zucchelli presented 38 menswear looks to an audience which included actor Justin Theroux and New York Giants star Victor Cruz.

Menswear has gained momentum over the years and it is tipped to be even more prominent this year. Designers are pushing the boundaries with men’s clothing and are not afraid to experiment with texture and colour anymore. Speaking about his latest collection, Zucchelli said that the “rich surface texture gives depth without bulk and added definition to silhouettes”.  His collection revolves around the idea of sportswear becoming formal, with a twist on futuristic fashion that the modern day man can relate to. His overlay of fabrics and use of different and unusual textures meant that this collection was fast-forwarded into his futuristic vision. His use of the traditional menswear pattern herringbone, dissected and transformed onto a peacoat, was visionary to say the least.

The colours of this collection mirrored those of last Fall. The deep and dark palette incorporated blacks, blues, greys and oxblood, all in solid-looking, but amazingly light materials. The rich and luxe textures also contributed to the futuristic look, keeping the collection modern and relevant. It is fair to say that Italo Zuccheli has created a unique collection that suits our fashion-forward society and with him at the helm of Calvin Klein it’s exciting to see what direction he is going to take menswear to next.