As consumers, we often don’t have a say in a product’s design; how it appears, that’s what we get. And yet, what if there’s just the tiniest little detail of an item that we wish we could change?

Nike have already implemented custom colour and graphic options for their trainers, allowing the user to create their very own shoe. Of course, we can just trust that the designers have put thought and effort into creating a perfect colour scheme, but have a look at creating your own Kobe X iD trainers to see if you can do better.

With that in mind, it seems jewellery is the next fashion product to be given the custom treatment. Teaming up with Jennifer Lopez, Endless Jewelry are giving the opportunity for customers to produce their own bracelets and necklaces. The shopper can simply select a single, double, or triple leather bracelet, pick one of 20 colours, then start adding their preferred charms. Of all the beautiful charms available, buyers can select from 332 silver, 176 gold, or 86 rose gold charms.

This isn’t to say that every piece of jewelry should be customizable; as these particular styles of women’s watches from Cartier, for example, should ideally remain as gorgeous as the watchmaker intended. Yet the advent of tailor-made products does give consumers more power over the products they’re paying for, as Lopez discusses regarding her partnership with Endless Jewellery. “I like to have variety and plenty of options…I always have fun with my fashion and like to mix things up a bit, and I think the entire collection has something that fits any attire or mood. It’s the whole idea behind the way we do the designs,” said Lopez. “Each charm is versatile and complements any outfit, you choose to wear, and I created them so you can keep it simple or dress it up.”