Visual artist David Lopera has taken photoshopped celebrities to another level.

You would have thought that the artist would have made these celebrities slimmer, curvier, rounder boobs or a slightly bigger butt.

No. David has done the complete opposite and has photoshopped some of our favourite celebrities to a plus size.

Everyone from Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence, Iggy Azalea, Kate Perry, Rita Ora, Kim Kardashian and come under his mouse and we must admit that his work is pretty impressive, whether you prefer a plus size or not.


The idea behind his work, is that big is beautiful and if you saw your favourite celebrities in plus size, you would still like them and think they are hot.

David told the dailymail.

The big women are beautiful but there are many people today who don’t agree with that. However when they see my gorgeous, fat celebrities, I think they might realise how wrong they are.

Well the proof is in the pudding. Take a look at the gallery below and leave your comments on whether this is hot or not.

View David Lopera’s gallery on Deviant Art or visit his Facebook Page.