Isobel Galloway

A poignant artist rising through the ranks with her formidable vocal prowess, Isobel Galloway releases a Pop/Soul inspired new single ‘Don’t Mess With Me’ produced by Taka Perry.

‘Don’t Mess With Me’ showcases Isobel’s eloquent and soothing vocals which are entangled with mesmerising melodies and effortless vigour.

The single meanders across the spectrum of contemporary Pop, Jazz, Soul and the Blues with a twist of Isobel own take, creating an authenticity all of her own.

On the single Isobel said, “It is inspired by a relationship of mine that slowly burnt-out and realising and coming to terms with the fact that our growth together had come to a standstill,”

“It’s an anthem to celebrate the warrior inside of all of us,” she said.

Hailing from Sydney, Isobel has found a voice that is unfailingly her own, filled with promise of individuality and vulnerability that will leave a long-lasting connection. Inspired by the likes of Amy Winehouse, Maggie Rogers, Etta James and her peers, Isobel’s music career spans over 15 years.

Whilst relatively new to the scene, Isobel shows no signs of slowing down. Her single ’Don’t Mess With Me’ is a stunning example of what’s to come from the star which is showcased with her unforgettable sound and delivery. The single will also features on her upcoming EP due to drop next year.