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Despite storming the UK charts with his infectious debut single Replay, 22-year-old British Virgin Islands heartthrob Iyaz doesn’t seem to be having any luck with the ladies.

‘I always end up single on Valentine’s Day. I don’t know what it is – every year it’s the same thing. I’m single again now.

‘It’s easy to get the ladies when you’re famous but I’m not that type of guy and I just want to concentrate on my music. It’s very hard to know who you can trust because you never know what people’s motives are. ‘Replay was actually written for the girl I was with at the time. I thought she would be excited to be the inspiration for the song, but she obviously wasn’t excited enough because I’m single. I would like a lovely lady to sweep me off my feet, but finding the time for the ladies these days is part of the problem.’

It’s a tough job job…
No that Iyaz should be complaining. He hand-picked stunning island beauty Estelita Quinteros for his music video and admits that casting beautiful extras is just a perk of the job.
‘I needed an exotic-looking girl to set the scene on the beach in LA. I got a couple of girls to send in pictures and then I picked the best one. I definitely enjoy that bit. Estelita features in both of my videos.’

The young rapper took time out to celebrate claiming the UK number one slot for two consecutive weeks in London’s West End with The Saturdays, and it seems the new kid on the block has taken a liking to fellow singleton Rochelle Wiseman.

‘The ladies here know how to show you love and show you a good time. It was the first time I had met the girls but I’ve heard some of their tracks. You might even see an Iyaz and The Saturdays collaboration at some point, you never know.’ Watch this space, you read it here in Flavour Magazine first.

Macaroni cheese for two?
But if Sean Kingston’s prodigy is hoping to woo the British ladies with his culinary skills he may be in for a rude awakening.

The Replay line ‘I’m in the kitchen cooking things she likes…’ suggests Iyaz may just be able to rustle up something special for that perfect candlelit dinner for two – but the reality is somewhat different.

‘When I’m cooking for myself, I like to keep it simple; macaroni cheese and tuna fish – so I’d have to think carefully if I was cooking a meal to impress a girl.’ Although the menu doesn’t exactly scream Jamie Oliver, the potential is there, right?

Single to mingle
Iyaz’s single status certainly seems to have been the inspiration for his follow-up track Solo. He sings: ‘I don’t want to walk this earth/If I gotta do it solo.’ With his debut album entitled My Life expected in the spring and a UK tour on the cards, this certainly isn’t the last we’ve heard of this new reggae-fusion star. So ladies, any takers?

Words by Claire Bloomfield – Iyaz’s new single Solo is out on April 12