Remember our editorial on the 12 hour pop up stores featuring small business from the UK such as Boskke, Braw Scotland, Fox & Belle, The Bluebird Tea Co and one of our personal favourites Iam Vibes?

It all happened in October, when iZettle helped six of Britain’s smallest businesses open their own flagship store on Britain’s greatest shopping street – for 12 hours each. The iZettle stunt that helped business rebels reach success overnight:

iZettle wants to remind entrepreneurs that even global brands that now trade on Oxford Street in London started out as small businesses. In this brand-obsessed world it’s getting harder and harder to make it. Shopping districts around the world are dominated by big brands. But small business rebels, entrepreneurs and nomadic retailers are fighting hard to bring their products to the world.

To see the 6 stores that where featured in the iZettle promotion click here

Tom Hardless, founder of Iam Vibes, said:

“Taking part in iZettle’s 12 Hour Store was a dream come true and I will never forget the 12 hours of magic and fun I had. The 12 Hour Store didn’t just give me a physical space to trade from, it gave me a huge morale boost.”

Iam Vibes business made record-breaking sales after participating in the 12 hour store.

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