Flavour columnist Julie Huie-Martin gives us the lowdown on her life as a Brit living it up in Atlanta, GA.

There was a lot of competitive spirit in the air a few months ago when the Super Bowl took place. I’ve never really had much interest in American sports mostly because they don’t really make much sense (football being case in point). Why in the world they call it football I have no idea, especially when they run with the ball in their hands, you know like rugby it really annoys me, I’m constantly being reminded about how backwards American’s are. Anyway, I digress. The only reason I’m including this little anecdote in my post is because of the team that was playing, The Pittsburgh Steelers whose uniform is in black and yellow, hence that song by Wiz Khalifa (Black and Yellow), which I like and is where the rapper is from… Here’s me with a hardcore fanatic.

me and steeler fan

A brand new television series called Harry’s Law began on ABC (one of America’s terrestrial channels), starring our very own Aml Ameen (Kidulthood, The Bill). Aml plays Malcolm Davies, a young man who’s been in trouble with the law and turns his life around by becoming a paralegal. He plays the role so convincingly with a thick Yankee accent, you’d almost think he was born and raised in The Bronx, rather than good old West London. Aml was in town recently to appear on the Monique Show. See pics and video of the show here: www.bet.com/video/1617501


The great legendary hip-hop photographer (and my former boss), Jonathan Mannion was in town not too long ago to shoot one half of Outkast member, Big Boi for a campaign for Crown Royal. After meeting Big Boi in person for the first time, I was somewhat surprised at the rather small man standing before me. His height certainly doesn’t live up to his name, he’s like 5.5ft or shorter, which makes me wonder what he’s really referring to by calling himself Big Boi if you know what I mean.

me jono big boi

Tonight I’m at the studio with Dallas Austin to supervise an interview I set up for BBC 1Xtra favourites, Ace n Vis – more on that next time. It’s already midnight, and I have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow first thing. Ugh…. This is going to be a longggg night.

Until next time peeps,