‘Monster’ came about when lyricist Jacob Banks hit upon an understanding, one that sometimes you have to take what you want, and as much as you might not like it, it could be the only option.

The epiphany may be somewhat harder for some to muster but then you’ll want to take Banks’s word for it, after all you’ve got to get your head around the wildly anticipated visual for the newest edition from him.

For this you’ll simply need to use your imagination and to embrace interpretation, because like the hit film ‘Inception,’ this suave videography could have you disagreeing with friend or foe.

Taken from his recent EP ‘The Paradox,’ this advocation of a track gains ominous chants as Banks proclaims “They made a monster out of me, they put a sword into back, they gave me to the count of three.” All this whilst the singer wipes his hands clear of what we’re not sure, could it be his conscience, guilt or people that have held him back? Set in an empty car park, the video was somehow filmed in one single take and filmed obliviously to those overseeing car parking duties , which we’ve got to say takes some skill and bravery, but we already knew Jacob Banks had these qualities, when he has the skill to master most music genres.

He has been making waves in the music scene since 2013 and with his distinctively jaw dropping voice, is it any surprise the Birmingham born songwriter has welcomed success? To close your eyes whilst listening to, might have most in disbelief that it could ever be this now London based 24 year old. His accolades have come fast and steady, appearing as BBC Radio 1’s first ever unsigned artist to perform in the Live Lounge, penning song after song and collaborating with Chase & Status, Rudimental and Alicia Keys, to name a few.

The video is undeniable compelling, as our eyes fall to a lifeless and chalky outline of a seemingly dead male. The victim gets up and walks calmly away, out of shot, when a lone tyre comes rolling across the shot. “They made a demon out of me!”

As flames bellow from the back of a rashly parked car (is this Jacob’s getaway, a way to flee from a situation he’s been compelled into?) a man comes into shot, casually watching television in the foreground, he is engulfed by a masked intruder. “They put a bounty out on me.” Soon a dark figure darts across the screen with what I interpret to be a stolen television, taken from the previous telly watching man. Is Jacob the narrator to this criminal undoing? Welcome rapper ‘Avelino’ who equally understands what it is to story tell, revealed with this stark line- “And if your hand never held me down, don’t fucking reach out.” This speaks to me that when a choice is made, probably a difficult one that eventually will lead to good things, that’s when everyone wants you, when success calls but don’t reach out if you never propped me up.

Without fear or hesitation the man who breaths life after death, walks solemnly back to his mark on the floor, brushes himself off and returns to the concrete ground. Opposite, Jacob Banks places the limbs overhanging from his car boot door neatly into the car, shuts the door and makes his way to the driving seat, fleeing the scene with conviction.

We’d say messages run rife in this helping of Soul, but we think the most poignant is to seize the opportunity, turn our backs on those things holding us back because ultimately you need to do whatever will elevate you along your journey.

All’s fair in love and war after all, but you won’t even see us coming when we’re running!

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