Jade Ellis came into the music industry last year via ITV 1 talent show The X-Factor where she was a finalist mentored by judge Tulisa. During her time on the music entertainment series she quickly gained a reputation for her brilliant powerful vocal renditions, her determination to have  success in her career and her honesty about her sexuality.

Here she talks to Flavourmag about life after the X-Factor and marrying her girlfriend.

What’s life been like since leaving The X-Factor?
Since leaving the show, it’s all been positive stuff. It’s a great platform. The reception people have given me has been amazing and I’m just rolling with it.

Any regrets?
None at all. No regrets, it was great from start to finish.

What has been your highlight of the whole experience?
I think for me it’s realising that I actually do want to sing. I went into the competition as somebody who has never sung in public before, so the process actually taught me just how much I really want to do it.

SAI_9728Are you still in touch with your mentor?
Yeah, I’m still in touch with Tulisa, definitely. She’s a bit busy with the new house but yeah, she’s really good.

What’s the best advice she’s given you?
The best advice she has really given me is to just be yourself all the time. I think with her being an artist, she has managed to do that. Good or bad, people love or hate her but at the end of the day, she’s always been herself.

So what are you working on music wise?
At the moment I’m trying to focus on original music. I’m still doing covers when I’m on tour and stuff but I’m really focusing on producing my own stuff. I’m working with some great producers at the moment and just experimenting really.

Since you’re still in touch with Tulisa, are you going to do a track together?
Oh I don’t know, I would definitely love too. Maybe, who knows.

You have a daughter called Caiden, how did you find balancing motherhood and being on the show?
I’ve always worked, so for me it was like an extension of work. It was hard being away from her but we’ve definitely made up for lost time since I came out.

So you never got your gift then?
No [laughs]

Tell us a bit about your style. How would you describe it?
Eclectic. One day I’ll wear a tracksuit, trainers, baggy jeans, and the next day I’ll be wearing a tight leopard onesie. It depends on what I feel like. If I get up and I wanna be fun, then I’ll have fun with my clothes. If I wanna be comfy, I’ll be comfy. When it comes to clothes, it’s an extension of who you are, so just use that to show your individuality.

Are you a high street girl or a designer girl?
High street. High street every time. Why pay more when you can pay less?

Lets talk about your hair. On the show we saw you go from Blondes to Purples. It’s surprising that your hair didn’t drop out with all the dying they were doing to it.
Well, like most girls, I like a bit of weave. I do like to change my hair quite regularly. Hair will grow back, so don’t be afraid to cut it guys. You can always where a wig, or a weave. There’s endless possibilities nowadays.

In terms of your music, which artists inspire you?
I’m really into loads of different styles. If I had to choose my favourite artist….it changes all the time.

You can pick three artists.
Three artists, ok. I’m gonna go with Maverick Sabre because he’s just so individual and recognisable instantly. Jill Scott because she’s a soul diva, love that, and, Stevie Wonder.

When was the last time you cried?
I cry all the time, probably yesterday. I really am emotional in the mornings.

Jade-ellis-1What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?
Can I say the most expensive thing I’ve ever had?… A child [Laughs]

When was the first time you got excited about being on the X-Factor?
For me, it was from the very beginning. Every stage was more exciting than the one before. By the time I got to the live shows, I was bouncing off the walls.

Out of Gary Barlow, Dermot O’Leary and Rylan, who would you kiss, marry or avoid?
This is really hard. I’d marry Dermot, I absolutely love him, I’d kiss Rylan, because I’ve done it already and I’d avoid Gary, he sent me home.

If you could have one super power for the day, what would it be and why?
I wanna be invisible. I know that’s a silly one but you can do crazy things and people can’t see you. Yeah, that would be great, to be invisible and just harass people all day.

If you were the Prime Minister, what would you change and why?
I’d have a great big expenses list. I’d have a swimming pool and a house. [laughs] No, I don’t think I’d change much, If you try and change too many things at one time it can all go to pot, so I’ll leave that to somebody else.

In terms of record deals and such. How difficult are you finding it to achieve your goals?
I went into the X-Factor with a realistic frame of mind. I didn’t go in thinking ‘i’m gonna win and I’m gonna be a millionaire in two months time. I went in there thinking I’ll get the exposure and meet people in the field and mingle.I think that’s the best thing to do. If you focus too much on where your going, you’ll miss out on the music.

Who’s the most famous person you have in your phone’s contact list right now?
Probably Tulisa.

What’s the plan for rest of 2013?
Well, the plan ideally is for me to get my original stuff out to people and showing them exactly what I’m about. Being on the X-Factor, as great as it is, you don’t genuinely get to show the type of artist you would become eventually, so now is the time for me to do that. So hopefully, 2013, that’s who their going to get to see.

And what kind of artist is that?
I think I’m quite a genuine artist. I won’t be jumping out of boxes. It will be important music, important lyrics and melody.

Do you write everything yourself?
At the moment I co-write. I’m fully capable of writing on my own but always think it’s good to have other influences. It’s going really well.

Before we finish, let’s talk about your love life. What’s new in the world of Jade?
Nothing new in the world of Jade. I’m still with my partner, we’ve been together for seven years. My married partner, pretty much so.

Have you gotten married or are you getting married?
It’s in the pipe line.

Who asked who?
I actually asked her, she was taking too long.

So you’re putting a ring on it?

So do want that to happen this year?
There’s no rush, it’s just a ceremony for us really, it’ll probably be on a beach somewhere.

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