jagged-edgeDespite missing two members (the twins Brandon and Brian), Jagged Edge were still on point when performing in Camden at the Muzaholic event. The group may have been mute for a while but with a new album on the way under a new label they were in London to prove they still got it! Flavour sat down with the guys after their performance to see what was good, what was not so good and what we can expect from them this time round.

Welcome back to London guys, how you enjoying your trip?
Kyle – Oh we love London, we be getting so much love from y’all.

Wingo – Yeah it’s great, I’m even thinking ‘bout getting me a little spot in London – it’s real nice.

Kyle – Yeah me too, a nice little spot here’d be cool – not sure ‘bout y’all weather though! Lol

Yep, the weather here is always a sore point, but we hope it hasn’t spoilt your trip? What have you guys been up while you’ve been here? Is it all work and no play?

Kyle – Not at all, we love to party and hit a couple places its all love when we’re here you know, so we like to let loose and party with y’all.

Glad to hear it. So how are you liking our British music? You guys feeling the Funky vibe?
Wingo – Oh hell yeah, that definitely gets me in the mood to party.

Kyle – What y’all call it? Funky? Lol, yeah I’m feeling the funky lol, but you know we into a bit of everything.

Wingo – just as long as the vibes right.

Kyle – yeah, the vibe is what makes a party, but it’s nice to hear different things too.

Speaking of different, you guys have a different label now right? Your now with Slip and Slide – how did that change come about?
Wingo – We just felt it was the right time you know, we’ve always been surrounded by some good people that wanna see us grow in the right direction so…

Kyle – definitely so with Slip and Slide, it was just an opportunity, a deal on the table that we were willing to go up for.

Ok and this deal with Slip and Slide is it just the two of you or is it still the four of you guys?
Kyle – All four of us, it’s Jagged Edge; you know what I’m saying? Definitely, we Jagged Edge so we don’t want people to have a misconception of what me and Wingo are doing because Brandon and Brian also go to the other end with our work to show up; we still here, Jagged Edge is a company, we a brand and we love each other unconditionally – so there’s no break up anything like that just because you see two people.

Well that’s good to hear, and as for Jagged Edge the company, we’ve heard you’ve dabbled in the fashion industry with your own clothing line as well?
Wingo – Ah well, ah yeah yeah yeah, we did have…

Kyle – …it was a challenge for us ‘cause you know, it was new for us, so that’s a whole other channel and you have to know the ins and outs…

Wingo – man, they robbed us, tell ‘em man, they robbed us!

Kyle – Yeah, it’s true. THEY ROBBED US!

Wingo and Kyle – THEY ROBBED US MAN [Laughs]

Kyle – We didn’t know… but God got us outta that situation!

Wow, ok, and so on to better news – the new album’s coming out!
Kyle – “The Remedy” baby

Tell us about that…
Wingo – We started out right!!!!!

Kyle – The Remedy, that’s some kinda album right there.

So what sort of vibe can we expect from that?
Kyle – Ah baby its Jagged Edge!

Wingo – We Jagged Edge come on now, we bringing the heat baby.

Kyle – Yeah I mean we ain’t changed up nothing you know, of course we gotta try kick it up a couple of notches but we Jagged Edge we ain’t doing nothing too far out the box were you gon’ be like “Yo, what are they doing” we’re just Jagged Edge baby. Forever!

Wingo – ‘Memba that!

Words by Toya Berry and KJ Bonitto, Photos by Saira Awan of SaiPhotography.com