Remembering ancient wisdom, ‘Solomon’s Judgement’ is the latest single to come from Canadian alternative rocker Jalal Sunstrum.

Taking inspiration from the biblical story of the Judgement of Solomon, Jalal Sunstrum worked with Reno Sensal to compose the guitar riffs. Although the composition process was relatively easy, the challenge lay in the mixing. ‘Solomon’s Judgement’ will be Jalal Sunstrum’s debut official release.

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Choir singer turned rock ‘n’ roller, Jalal Sunstrum has been creating music with different outfits over the last 20 years. He found success as the vocalist for Critical Path, having interviews published in the United States and Congo RDC. Taking inspiration from American poetry of the 40s and 50s, Jalal Sunstrum cites U2, Queen and Travis as his key influences.