After making a name for himself on British TV, he became the star of this year’s biggest Brit-Asian movie, ‘Everywhere and Nowhere’. James Floyd talks to Flavour’s Maz Khan about the struggles of playing a young boy in Britain trying to find his destiny and his new ventures after ‘Everywhere and Nowhere’.

‘Everywhere and Nowhere’ has now been released on DVD. For those who don’t know, what is the film about?

The film is about a young lad called Ash Khan; he works in his dads shop but dreams of being a DJ. The film basically showcases his struggles with trying to please his traditional family whilst fulfilling his own personal ambitions and desires at the same time. It also has quite a few funny bits, so it’s not all soul searching!

You had a big responsibility to get it right with this film. Do you think the portrayal of Asian culture was accurate?

I think so. I don’t know if that is for me to judge because I was in the film. I think the film catered to many different types of people, not just strictly the Asian culture. It’s an issue that a lot of people have to deal with when growing up; do you live your life by your families’ expectations or go with your heart? Young people have to deal with a lot of pressure when they are finding themselves.

So, what would you say about the end of the film without giving away too much?

Well, unfortunately everyone dies after a big explosion.

[Silence takes over as I decide whether he is for real or not]

No they don’t!!

Okay, they don’t! But without ruining it, all I can say is that the ending is quite ambiguous. It doesn’t really give you any answers; it isn’t a happily ever after ending.

I’m glad to hear it’s not clichéd like many films then.

No, not at all. Many movies are just big fat clichés.

In terms of acting, what advice would you give to up and coming actors trying to get their big break?

Honestly, I would say don’t do it. Seriously, if someone says to you ‘don’t do it’ and you still go and do it, it must mean that you really want it! This business is purely about how much rejection you can take. You are gonna get 99 no’s and one yes that could change your whole career. That is just the way it is, cause you are not gonna be right for every role and not everyone is gonna like you as an actor. The whole thing is purely subjective. I just think if you are crazy enough to take the risk of being an actor, you will go and do it. I truly believe that and you just won’t care what anyone else thinks. No one.

What have you have learnt from being behind the scenes?

Honestly? It is a tricky industry, it is very political and there is a lot of stuff that happens behind the scenes that no one will ever know. It can be full of fake people at times I’m afraid to say. But if you are lucky enough to make it, then it is a great job, especially if you work hard.



Look out for James in his new upcoming film, ‘My Brother the Devil’ a new urban production which tells the story of two Muslim brothers who are members of a postcode gang. Watch out for the thrilling drama which will be hitting cinemas soon.