‘Jamie Lynn Spears is no longer the little sister of pop star Britney Spears. She has stepped into the music spotlight on November 26 when she released her first music video for ‘How Could I Want More’.
Jamie Lynn Spears looks absolutely stunning in the video and the 22 year old has brought out her country side and the resemblance between her and her sister Britney is definitely uncanny.
The song is about a break up with an ex and she adds a person touch to the album, filming the music video in a studio to focus on the song rather than the video and it was heartbreaking for the singer and even cried at some point as it brought memories for her and what she went through with her boyfriend at the time.
The song has already reached #11 in the UK Country charts on itunes and not only here but all over the world, so it does prove that this genre is making a name for itself, aswell as Jamie Lynn Spears has and it’s not because of the popularity of her sister but Jamie has a good growing fan base of her own.
Jamie is also featured on her sister Britney Spears new album ‘Britney Jean’, a great song called ‘Chillin’ With You’, this is Britney’s personal album yet and it’s the first time they have done a track together.
We hope this is not the last we hear of the new self-claimed Country star and releases more music or an album even!
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By Lauren Bayram