Janiece Myers Shoot-33Talking to Janiece’s PR we agreed that the Liverpool lady has a similar feel of Ashanti about her; striking exotic looks, and a ghetto soulful voice that has the versatility to bless virtually any type of genre, from RnB to dub-step.

Signed now to Wiley’s A List label and due to release her banging new single, Underground Love featuring the godfather, I caught up with her at Madame Jojo’s before she gave a brilliant performance.

Firstly, I heard you only recently turned twenty-one so congratulations and what did you do was it a big bash?
It was a good day, I had family come around to my place because I just bought a new flat and I had like a small house warming and so that was really good.

Ok music and Wiley first. You have just been signed to Wiley’s new label A-List that is a massive look how did that meeting happen?
Well he came to Liverpool to work with KOF on a couple of tracks. He then heard Underground Love and I asked him if he wanted to feature and he said ‘yes that’s cool’. At the same time, he decided to get me signed to A-list as part of a collective and we signed the single and that was it really.

It all sounds fairly simple and quick what has been the time period from meeting Wiley to a signed artist on A List?
It all started in April really, so it was pretty quick. We actually created Underground Love in January but when Wiley came and jumped on it in May, it took a little longer to get it out.

This is a solid move in terms of bringing your name to the London scene.
I am really happy and I feel like I have been really lucky. I remember when I performed in London at I Luv Live I was so nervous because I really did not know how people would take to me. It was great though and the response from the crowd was great and the response from London has been great.

Hopefully this does not seem an unfair question but is there a preference in terms of where you want to make a big impact: London or Liverpool?
No I think it is a fair question. London is central to the music scene and so to make a dent in the scene is big. I think that if you are successful in London then it usually filters out to other parts of the country.

Yes it is great and in truth the North side are really making some moves in the music scene now what with KOF and RIO (featured in Flavour online).

Yes definitely, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool are all doing their thing. We all connect as well because we are so close and so we kind of merge to make the scene that bit stronger.

Janiece - In My Element Bonus

You have a soulful edge to your voice, how did you end up in music?
My sister got me a vocal coach when I was young and then I joined a choir called One Heart One Voice which was gospel influenced. It did surprisingly well and it ran for 6 years but from there I just started working on my own stuff. I started writing my own songs and realised that I had a flair for it.

How are family with your chosen path?
My brother who is thirty five text me about two weeks ago and said ‘so your music has not taken off are you going back to university?’ I said I would give it a year and see how my music career goes but he does not know what I am doing at the moment.

So are you looking forward to when he suddenly hears your track on radio?
Well yes definitely. I mean all my family want the best for me but they are a bit sceptical regarding this whole music thing and they always seem to find a down side to music but they love me so when they find out it will be good.

What will be the follow up to Underground Love?
Beginning of next year I will be releasing my next single. I am not exactly sure which one we will be going for because we have a couple to choose from but one of the tracks has a similar vibe to Underground Love but with a little sting in the tail.

And I take it you are working on an album what can your fans expect?
Well there is a track called Big Girl which is about being a grown up lady and being able to handle things so that is one for the ladies. And then there is another one that I wrote it is another dub-step flavour which could potentially be single number two which is cool and it is nice and edgy.

Any last words before you get on stage and smash it?
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Underground Love released on the 22nd November.

Interview by Semper Azeez-Harris