When you think of posh totty you kind of think that they’re going to be good and sweet and innocent wholesome girls. Wrong! Trust me, growing up in the countryside I know why all girls love horses and it’s not because they are affectionate animals. Knee high boots, jodhpurs and whips can corrupt all but the sweetest of sweet well-to-do girlies and Jemma Perry is no exception. Yes she’s classy, yes she’s hot as hell and yes she’s posh – but as her new website and pictures demonstrate – she also downright filthy!

Jemma welcome to iCandy how are you doing?

I’m very well thank you. I’ve been such a busy lady it’s nice to sit down with a cup of tea and chat with you…

You’ve been modelling for a few years now; how did you get started?

A good friend of mine took some pics, I approached an agency and things went from there!

Your pictures are amazing – what do you think is your best feature?

Why thank you! I like my long legs but I tend to get complimented on my bum (Laughs)

Where have you appeared before?

Oh gosh! Nuts, Zoo, Daily Star, Sport, G&G, Modeldoddle, Chat, and so many websites I couldn’t name them all

Now then let’s talk about your own website: – tell us more about that

Yes it’s my little baby at the moment, taking up a lot of my time and effort! Due to launch in the next 2 weeks it will be full of naughty, filthy, posh girls to get your blood racing! Are you going to write something filthy for me Gaz?

I may do…what are your terms? :-p What made you decide to start that style of site? Are you quite posh then?

Well everyone says I am! (Laughs) I think it’s because I have horses and because I speak properly that people just tend to presume I’m posh – personally I rather like that they think that!

Now that iCandy is launching our own studios – do you think you’d pop down and pay us a visit sometime?

Of course! It would be lovely to see you all.

Who would you love to work with?

Hmmmm now there is a question…I think it would have to be Rankin.

What do you like to do to relax?

I love a bubble bath and a massage to relax after a long day

What’s on your iPod at the moment?

I love some dance, R&B and pop

Are you single?

That would be telling!

What do you look for in a guy?

Confidence, ambition, manners, a man and not a boy!

Complete the sentences: The naughtiest thing I’ve done is…hmmm done naughty things with a girlfriend, on film, as a present for her boyfriend

Christ! Ok….My biggest turn on is…girls! I find the female body a much bigger turn on than a guy’s body

OMG!….The way to impress me is… with a romantic gesture

My dream holiday would be…I love America, so a road trip would be amazing

My perfect date would be…going to watch a polo match followed by cocktails and Pimms!

Definitely posh totty….Jemma, thanks for dropping by to iCandy – what’s your message to everyone out there?

Thanks for having me Gaz, Check out my website and follow me on twitter @jemmaperrymodel



  1. Hmm she truly is a sexy gem! Everything I man can possibly want! Smart, sexy, naughty and above all posh who likes her pimms lol

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