Remember RnB group Fun*dmental? Of course, no one could forget those hot dance moves, banging beats and adorable colour-co-ordination! And now one slice of the trio has returned with his debut album ‘Hello Earth’ and is looking even sexier than before…

Jermaine Riley is not only a great vocalist, but a talented dancer, songwriter and graphic designer – multi-faceted is an understatement. The British singer has re-emerged with this new album following the success of his collaboration with chart-topper Chipmunk on the ‘Then & Now (Remix)’, a track Jermaine not only featured on but wrote the hook for. The song taken from the ‘Champion’ singers ‘Transition’ album, was released earlier this year along with a promotional video called ‘The Homeless Hero’ for the upcoming album release. An avid comic book fan, Jermaine’s passion for graphic design and interest in superheroes, particularly Superman, eventually crept its way into his music and has become the theme of his music releases and entire production branding. Jermaine’s SUPERspective project brand saw him release his mixtape ‘Goodbye Krypton’ in 2008 which included his versions of popular songs with his own unique super spin to it.

There was a lively discussion on BBC’s 1Xtra recently about Jermaine’s return, showing that his work behind the scenes writing music for other artists and producers had not gone unnoticed, and nor had his potential to make his mark on the UK RnB scene. For the creative talent, ‘Making music and being on stage performing come 2nd nature to me… but doing it by myself makes everything new again. It’s all original material this time. I want people to pay attention.’

Keep a look out for Jermaine’s album ‘Hello Earth’ coming soon. To get more information visit his website and follow him on Twitter @SUPERsays.

 Words by Catherine Ababio