Former Fun*dmental member, Jermaine Riley has proved that he is stronger than Superman when it comes to his undoubtedly inspiring commitment and profound love for music. He has come a long way since first stepping onto the scene with band members, Kyle and  Varren and is more than worthy of his title as an experienced and talented singer and songwriter.

Jermaine is contributing to UK R&B music industry in such a devoted way that is purely commendable. Following his departure from super talented boy band Fun*dmental/FDM, who were remembered for their dedication and natural ability to sing dance and harmonise, producing hits such as “Jump”, and “Playground”, Jermaine is now riding the solo train and making a great name for himself whilst doing so. Having previously signed to Ne-Yo’s management/production company Compound Entertainment and Universal Music’s Geffen Records (USA) – Jermaine definitely understands and appreciates what it takes to make it in such a competitive industry, and Flavour Magazine support him all the way. Back then he had what it takes, and still does – he has grown immensely.

Jermaine’s most recently released single – “What The Night Does” featuring Diggy Simmons displays just how far he has come as an artist, and vocally Mr. Riley is on top of his game. Extraordinarily, he has given fans the gift of free mixtapes and albums, most notably Hello Earth – which acted as his highly anticipated sequel to the 2008 Goodbye Krypton mixtape release. Hello Earth accumulated over an astounding 150,000+ downloads to date.

Many of you have probably seen Jermaine’s new singles on leading music stations across the UK, but if you haven’t, keep a close eye out for “Smallville” and “Key To The City” from the Hello Earth album, currently playing on MTV Base, Virgin On Demand, Smash Hits, KISS, The Box, and 106 & Park BET International. Both videos are amazing, with “Smallville” displaying Jermaine’s true gentlemanly qualities with his love interest closely by his side, and “Key To The City”, which assures us that Jermaine is a gifted born-to-be entertainer.

It just keeps on getting better and better. Last year was a great year. Jermaine released an array of refixed existing tracks on his Nine Ten Eleven: The Refixes mixtape, such as Beyonce’s “1&1” and Frank Ocean’s “Thinking About You” and Drake’s “Headlines”. All – breathtaking. Jermaine’s vocal skills are impeccable assets to the world of UK R&B and his uniqueness and versatility puts him a cut above the rest. With autumn slowly approaching, Jermaine has been busy working on his next mixtape which will be released November 10th, as well as another album for 2013. We cannot wait. The Sky’s the limit…

How are you enjoying the summer, any plans to go on holiday?
I’m loving what little summer we’re having in the UK right now! I’m very grateful when the sun comes out. London lights up and the whole vibe of the city is so beautiful. I don’t have any plans to go on holiday right now. I’m busy planning, working on my next mixtape Ten Eleven Twelve, due out on November 10th and my album for next year.

Who are your top 3 teams to support for the 2012 London Olympics
Great Britain, Jamaica and USA. Great Britain and Jamaica because of my heritage… and Usain Bolt of course… and USA just because of their tenacity to win, not just in Athletics.

What can you not go a day without?
Music. Not a day goes by where I don’t sing something or listen to my iPod.

What makes you happy?
A good movie, great food and pleasant company.

“I don’t have a Lois but it wasn’t hard to put myself into Superman shoes. We’ve all been in love”

“Nobody Else” is one of my favourite tracks on Hello Earth. Who is your Lois?
Thank you, it’s one of mine too. I don’t have a Lois but it wasn’t hard to put myself into Superman shoes. We’ve all been in love.

“Smallville” is a beautiful video, what or who inspired it?
Thanks, I’m glad you enjoy watching it. I just wanted to keep in line with the concept of the song and what people know of the TV show and the story of Superman. It’s really about the chemistry between Lois and I… as well as showing that I’m a performer. I love working with Lilian Ampon, the director. She’s really talented and knows exactly how to shoot me. We’ve done several videos together now.

To you, what is the most amazing song in the world? When you play it – it remains timeless?
I wouldn’t say it’s the most amazing song in the world, I wouldn’t know where to start with that, but Usher’s “You Don’t Have To Call” never ever, ever gets old to me. When that comes on… my whole mood changes. It’s like I’m on stage in my mind and I have to dance. I play it whenever I’m getting ready to go anywhere important.

Do you have an alter ego?
Nah, not really. I’m me 24/7.

When was the last time you cried?
June 21st. The day after my brother, Shaun finished college with top marks and an award for being an outstanding student in his class. I wrote about it on my blog and couldn’t hold back the tears. I saw how hard he worked whilst doing music at the same time. I’m so proud of him!

What’s your favourite song on the Hello Earth album?
“Key To The City” feat. Donae’o. That song pretty much sums up what I’m about in regards to attitude, vocals, harmonies, etc… and I think the video is an excellent extension of that. I’m an all-round entertainer. I sing and really dance. That song allows me to show everything I’ve got. Plus, that song to me was the moment when I found myself as a solo artist and I feel like everyone started to believe it when I put it out.

What’s on your iPod at the moment?
Over 6000 songs. Michael Jackson, Usher, Lianne La Havas, Adele, Ed Sheeran, Drake, Frank Ocean, Etta Bond, Bob Marley… even One Direction.

What’s your favourite Michael Jackson song?
“Stranger In Moscow”

Describe your perfect day to us?
A sunny day. Bowl of Lucky Charms and a haircut in the morning. Recording a great song for a couple hours in the afternoon. A trip to the cinema in the evening. A nice meal afterwards followed by a bit of sexy fun at night maybe. Perfect!

Tell us the happiest moment you’ve had?
I can’t determine the very happiest but one outstanding moment was when I did Wired in Shoreditch back in May… that’s the best show I’ve done since I’ve been flying solo. My voice was warmed properly, I had room to dance, the sound and my band were on point and the audience was filled with positive, encouraging people. I came off stage feeling so good about myself and the future.

What’s your greatest childhood memory?
Dancing to Whitney Houston at my 3rd birthday party. It was fancy dress. I was dressed as a clown. Face paint and all! [Laughs]

If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you need with you?
A boat and 2 paddles to get off the island. Hahaha! Probably my iPod, nail clippers and a good book.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Instagraming pictures, surfing/posting stuff on Tumblr and watching Big Bang Theory… or a movie. My instagram is ‘jermaine_riley’ and my tumblr is

What do you have planned for the future? Could we possibly see you acting as well?
I’m sure I’ll get into acting one day. I was singing, dancing and acting when I went to the BRIT School. I’d have to practice my Will Smith-like crying on cue skills but think I’d surprise people. I love acting and I’m quite a movie buff. For now, I just want to make a huge mark with my music and work with other great creative people.

Hello Earth [2012 Original Work]

Nine Ten Eleven – The Refixes [2011 Mixtape]

Goodbye Krypton: The Mixtape [2008 Mixtape]

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