Caroline Pearce is a name which will be synonymous to many, as Caroline is a former International athlete, a nutritionist, fitness consultant, model and TV Presenter.  In 2004 she represented her country competing as a professional heptathlete, then went onto represent Great Britain as a bobsleigher in the 2005 World Bobsleigh Championships. As well as appearing in numerous fitness magazines and advertising campaigns you most probably recognise her as ‘Ice’, from Sky One’s Gladiators, she has since gone from strength to strength and has presented the ‘The Worlds Strongest Man’ and ‘Europe’s Strongest Man’ for Channel 5 as well as the ‘UK’s Strongest Man’

While juggling so much Caroline has had to maintain the highest fitness levels throughout her career and she took time out from promoting her new Total Body Circuit Training DVD, where she shares her fitness secrets, to come talk to us at Flavourmag


Jess Firstly tell us a little about yourself?

I’m 29 years old, was born in Jersey, Channel islands but have lived in London for the last 9 years. I’m married and have a three year old daughter and a small raw food business

You were successful fashion model when you were younger, how and why did you get into fitness?
I became interested in weight training after having my daughter 3 years ago. I have always been very tall and slim and to see my body transform into something stronger, shapelier and leaner has been very satisfying. Hard work, but it will be always worth it!


Was it difficult changing your body from a fashion look to a fitness look?
Transforming from a fashion to a fitness look has taken two years worth of dedicated training, reading, understanding and great advice and programming from my trainer Jordan Callaghan. At first it was a bit confusing watching my body getting leaner and my weight increasing, but I soon threw out the scales and learned to concentrate on my actual aesthetics; how I wanted my body to look. It is liberating not to have to step on the scales and also to have a fresher, more positive attitude towards diet and my nutritional needs.

What are the major differences in your everyday life?
My whole lifestyle has changed, as serious fitness training is a lifestyle. I train four times a week and eat 6 meals a day, with a pre-workout fat/protein and post-workout carb/protein split. I’ve swapped the constant travelling I did whilst modelling for Tupperware’s and protein shakes!


What do you enjoy most about fitness?
The constant challenge of trying to be the best you can possibly look and feel. I pick weak areas, currently my calves and shoulders, to concentrate on but I have to say cracking my first set of chin-ups was a proud day for me! A personal best is always nice.

You recently competed in your first bikini competition, what inspired you to do that?
My training had got to such a level that I thought it would be fun to actually utilise all my efforts. I researched all the federations, read articles about the whole competition world (and watched Arnie’s Pumping Iron!) and decided I was up for the challenge. All that still didn’t prepare me for the amount of time and effort that goes into the whole preparation and lead up to the actual competition day – it was all quite exhausting!


What are your future goals?
I would definitely love to win a Pro card. That’s what I’m training towards.

How do you balance being a mum with fitness?
It can be difficult, I have to be very organised especially making sure I have all necessary meals prepped and packed but to be honest I have been doing it for so long now it is second nature.


What are your top 3 fitness tips?
When you train, try to switch off your everyday to-do list and just be present and focused so you can give it your all.

Lift weights and lift heavy
Remember to allow proper rest and recovery time

What are your top diet tips?
Throw out the scales and concentrate on how you actually look and feel
Find out what macro split works best for you
Make sure you are getting enough protein, good fats, veg and carbs to support your training

Words by Mehmet Edip and photography by SNHFOTO