Victoria’s Secret model Jessica Hart is launching her new makeup line LUMA and with the help of her stunning little sister Ashley Hart, the photos are already trending worldwide.

Jessica hart and Ashley Hart

Here are a few photos from Jessica Hart’s recent photo shoot with GQ magazine and how to date video which resulted in some very uber sexy images that we have been staring at all day. Which makes Jessica Hart the perfect person for our #WomenCrushWednesday feature on

How to date Jessica Hart

1. Should the man pay on the first date?
Jessica: Well i’m someone who always offers to pay, however if nice for a man to pay on the first date. There is no such thing as too many good manners.

2. How can someone impress you on a date?
Jessica: I guess you would have to ask questions so then you know about me.

3. Best place to pick someone up.
Jessica: Maybe on set, depending on your lifestyle.

4. Worst place to pick someone up.
Jessica: Probably in church.

5. Best way to approach you.
Jessica: Be well mannered and sure of yourself, but don’t be too over confident.

And here’s our 10 reasons why we are following Jessica Hart on instagram.

1. Is it just us? Or is the gap between your front teeth trending at the moment in the fashion industry?? However Jessica’s one looks so pretty.

2. She is a Victoria’s Secret model with a perfect body.

3. Can you imagine what it would be like if she was your girlfriend?

4. She would look great at a fancy dress party.

5. Those lips.

6. Those legs.

7. That body.

8. Her mates are so HOTTT too.

9. Come on. How many women can look this sexy in a cast eh?

10. This is how you will be jumping if you get to meet her in real life.

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