lightbulbthievesIf it’s hot, it’s here in Flavour and with summer almost upon us, we hooked up with Lightbulb Thieves frontwoman Joanne to find out her beauty secrets to looking sexy on and off stage. The end results are sure to make record label big-wigs sign on the dotted line.

Before you go on stage, are there any quick and easy things you do to your hair you could share with us?
Plenty of hairspray! Oh and lots of backcombing!

Which hair product is your must-have?
I would say Shine Shock Serum by John Freida, in the Brilliant Brunette range. I always use it. And I use Elnett hairspray as that’s the only one you can really ever brush out.

What are your daily beauty preparations?
Moisturise every day! I noticed that my skin looked dry but if you moisturise before putting on make-up, your face always looks fresher.

If you ever feel the need to radiate what is your hero product?
Pretty much just make sure you drink lots of water and exfoliate!

Which make up product would you be lost without?
My MAC sunshimmer blusher. You always look better with a bit of glow on your cheeks because foundation doesn’t always do the job.

Tell me a little about your beauty regime for staying fresh-faced?
Cleanse, tone and moisturise! And drink lots of water. I also use only tinted moisturiser
as I think foundation looks a bit too heavy.

Do you have a health must-have?
I take skin, hair and nails supplements. I think my nails will always be weak but I’ve noticed a difference in my skin and hair – my hair
is definitely much more shiny.

What product do you use on your face and why?
I always use the Simple range as it just makes me feel fresh. I actually used it after staying at a friend’s house and not having any stuff and then I just fell in love with it!

Where would you like to see yourself in five years, and what should we look out for your next move?
I want to release our album in the summer, get into the Top 10 and I would love to perform at a massive summer festival and probably tour the UK this year. Really I just want to gig as much as possible and make everyone love our music!

Words by Lea James