It was evident JoJo Hailey from Jodeci was battling alcohol problems after passing out drunk on stage a few years ago, while performing at a show in Australia. At the 1:50 mark in the below video, JoJo can be seeing collapsing in front of fans, meanwhile K-Ci carrries on singing and another person walks past, but leaves him lying there alone.

Five years on after the humiliating incident – JoJo is now attempting to get clean. “The only thing that’s going on with me now – and I thank God I’m still here able to talk to you again – is my pancreas. I drank so much until a small part of my pancreas had ate away, “JoJo tells Sister 2 Sister.

He also added: “That’s no pain you want to feel. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy… In a few days I’m going to seek the help that I need for my health. Because I have to do it.”

During the candid interview, JoJo revealed he was seeking professional help – because he was putting his wife, Tashaunda, through too much agony in the nine years they have been together. Following his thirty day treatment, the RnB singer plans to head back into the studio with his bandmate and brother  ‘K-Ci’ Hailey, to start recording their new album.