We get the lowdown from Joe Goddard of Hot Chip and 2 Bears on Momentum and his exclusive track for Ford Science of Sound.

Ford’s Science of Sound study found that the right driving playlist can give you a long-lasting mood boost – do you agree?

“I have to be honest – I’m a pretty nervous driver! It’s usually when I am on clear roads outside the city in the evenings when I do relax and enjoy the journey. I think the groove of the music is often mirrored in the motion of objects in front of you. At those moments, I love the feeling of driving and listening to music.”

Describe “Momentum”, the track you recorded exclusively for Ford and Spotify

“The track is a gentle disco piece that is quietly optimistic in mood and has a live, organic feel to it. There’s a film too – showing my trip to Barcelona to play the track and meet the project’s neuroscientist, Amy Belfi. We had a really interesting talk about the science behind the human fascination with music.”

What effect would you like “Momentum” to have on drivers?

“I don’t really know what effect the track will have – but I hope that it makes a driver more free and open in some way. It’s meandering and quite playful – it feels relaxed and positive.”

Ford’s Science of Sound study showed that sad songs with an energetic beat are particularly good for boosting the mood of drivers. Does that surprise you?

“I get that. For example, I like “Behind the Wheel” by Depeche Mode and so it had to be on my Spotify playlist ( It feels ominous and haunting, and very infectious.”

Why is it important for you as an artist that your music is experienced using the most optimised technology?

“I hope that people get the chance to listen on the best system they can afford so that they can hear the details in the music that I worked hard to get in there.”