If you do not know JP and HyperFrank then you have probably read some explorative and engaging piece of writing regarding music. Indeed for a numnber of years the two journalists have blessed some of the top notch publications think MTV IGGY, MTV UK, VOGUE, i-D Magazine with writing that displays and infinite love of music and of course a wealth of knowledge regarding  music.

Anyway this year they take their passions and knowledge to a radio station (Amazing Radio to be precise) with their simply named JP and HyperFrank show. With their respective contact lists positively heaving get ready for brilliant guests and of course great music.

Anyway I caught up with the two presenters to talk about of course-MUSIC.


Firstly, you are both so successful in your chosen fields. Just explain the mind set you need to succeed for aspiring writers in the world of music… 

HyperfrankEvery writer is pushing their own boundaries and working on their own goals, so it’s important to stay focused and set your own personal objectives that slowly lead you to where you really want to end up. It’s extremely easy to look at everyone around you and get a little disheartened in your own process, however, if you don’t push your own margins, then you’re living in between the lines – that’s just boring. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the journey -otherwise you might as well be a lawyer or a pilot.

JPYou need to be knowledgeable, determined, and passionate. Those three things will get you far in this writing life. There will come times when you feel like giving up – even established writers like myself feel like this, at times – but you have to keep on pushing on for whatever goal/goals you set for yourself. Just remember: no one owes you a thing in this world. Russell Simmons recently tweeted something along the lines of: “Your hard work is going to put you on, not another person.” Just know your subject like the back of your hand, make sure you can string a sentence together, stick to deadlines, and go for it!

Ok so explain how and why you two decided to come up with the simply named The JP & Hyperfrank Show?

HyperfrankIt’s nothing fancy, just like the show: it’s myself and JP in a studio going back and forth with the usual talk we would discuss off-air. We didn’t want to label it something like THE EPIC AMAZING SPECTACULAR UK UNDERGROUND SHOW! [Laughs] You’ll have someone listening in saying, “Hang on, that’s not exactly ‘underground’, is it?” or “That track’s not from the UK, it’s from France.” We just kept things simple. We’re so excited to be a part of such a great family like Amazing Radio.

JP: It was the first thing that came to mind, really [laughs]. It’s easy for people to remember. Thank God, we’ve had some really amazing feedback. It’s all going really well.

What is going to make your show stand out because there are so many shows?

HyperfrankMany of the shows on Amazing are solo presenters, so we give that added element of new music from a different sphere and also the added bonus of two opinionated music-lovers delivering new underground music across the world.

JP: We’re the only show that play mainly music from the, for want of a better word, “urban” side of the underground scene on the station. Mark Ryan plays a few of the same tunes on his show, but his show is more for the fist-pumping massive, more dancey.

What can we expect and who is going to be the stooge?!

HyperfrankI know everyone will say me, but that’s what strong-minded woman are seen as throughout history, right? Angry or scrooges? I rest my case [laughs].

JP: Definitely Hyperfrank! [Laughs]

Any upcoming surprises you can let me know about?

HyperfrankOh that would be teasing. Thursdays from 7-9pm is YOU!


JPWe like to get guests to pass through each show. Since our start in September, we’ve had Ghetts, and Krept & Konan on. We’ll be having a lot more big names as the weeks and months go by, though. If it’s not a guest, we try and get exclusive mixes on. This week, we have a 30-minute mix from Birmingham grime’s poster kid, Preditah.

Lastly please both of you choose two tracks/bands that we just have to have on our iPods…

HyperfrankiPods!? Do people still use iPods? [I am still using it I am afraid Hyper, technology is passing me by] My choices would be Krept & Konan, Merky Ace, Hawk House, and Darq E Freaker.

JP: Anything by Sampha, J Spades, and Amine Edge & DANCE. I’m listening to those acts on repeat right now!

JP and HyperFrank show every Thursday night, from 7 – 9pm!

Listen back to the shows HERE