For the first time ever Juggy D collaborates with Mumbai’s renowned DJ and music producer B Projekt for his new single ‘Ni Soniye’. By dominating Mumbai and being a resident DJ at celebrity hotspots like Prive and Play, B has a global fan base who eagerly await his debut album ‘Blindfolded’ releasing in the UK, November 2009.

Ni Soniye brings you a unique collaboration of Mumbai, UK and America with Raja Wilco lending his vocals to this smash hit record that is already being appreciated by musical maestros in Bollywood.

The debut album ‘Blindfolded’ has a fantastic collection of beats and melodies with an array of the finest singers, rappers and mc’s in the music industry. The album has artists such as Juggy D, Master Rakesh and G Deep. B has been working on his album for 1 year now and waiting for the moment to show the world his music style. The new single is fresh, vibrant and different fusing Mumbai and UK in to one smash hit anthem!

B say’s’’ Juggy was the correct choice for the song, he’s an amazing singer and gives Ni Soniye that vibe that will appeal to fans across the world’’.

The album will release in UK, November 2009.

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