Julia Michaels instagram account name is @imjmichaels. Here are 10 reasons you need to follow Julia Michaels the singer/songwriter who came to light with her smash hit single ‘I got Issues’.

23-year-old Julia Michaels is making waves in the music industry, especially after releasing her smash hit single ‘I got Issues’, which has already amassed over 81Million views on youtube, but Julia Michaels instagram is on the up with currently 243K followers.

Some of you may think that Julia Michaels has come from nowhere and gone straight to the top, but those of you that think that is simply mistaken. Julia Michaels has been writing songs for some of the biggest music artists on the planet.

Julia Michaels instagram

However, when she wrote ‘I Got Issues’, this was the moment, when she decided she had to sing this one herself as the song was so personal to her that she couldn’t give it away. And aren’t we glad she did? ‘I Got Issues’ is one of the most poignant and catchiest songs of the year. The lyrics the vibe and the intensity will have you playing the song on repeat.

If you love the song and want to know more about Julia Michaels instagram, then here are 10 reasons to follow her on instagram @imjmichaels

1. Julia Michaels wrote Justin Beibers ‘Sorry’

2. Julia also wrote Selena Gomez’s ‘Hands To MySelf’ thanks, Julia.

3. Wait there’s more! Julia also wrote Ed Sheeran’s Dive

4. And Rita Ora’s Poison

5. Julia’s new album ‘Nervous System is OUT NOW’

6. She’s an absolute stunner

7. And seductive too, wearing that Deep Plunge, Split Maxi Dress

8. You’ll get sneak preview instagram video’s like this

9. She and her friends are sooooo cute and has made us badly want that JUMPER DRESS

10. And you’ll get to see all of her latest photos. We bet she’ll look great in a dress from Pretty Little Thing or Missguided.

If you want to know more about Julia Michaels, there’s a really nice article on the BBC called Julia Michaels: Dare to Suck. Where’s she spills the beans on relations, music, writing and her issues. Happy reading.