how to avoid being ghosted

We’ve all been there: you match with someone on a dating app, everything seems to be going just great, but then your match disappears into thin air. Never to be heard from again.

Being ghosted on a dating app is one of the most frustrating things. That’s why we’ve made a list to help you avoid it. Thank us later!

Choose the right dating app

The majority of dating apps connect people with little depth – usually matching you by a preferred mile radius. This is great if you want to date someone who is a short walk away but not so great if you are looking to meet someone who you have an instant connection with. Apps like Huggle are perfect for finding like-minded souls because it matches you with people who go to the same places as you and share your interests.

The idea stemming from the fact we are more likely to get along with people who we have something in common with. Makes sense right? Huggle also shows you how many places you have in common which is not only a perfect icebreaker but allows you to measure how compatible you’ll be in the long run. Huggle might as well be called the exorcist!

huggle app

Make plans

Ok so now you’re using Huggle and can see all the places you have in common, now is a good time to make plans and meet your match. Suggest going for drinks at one of your mutual places. Meeting IRL can help you decide if there is any chemistry or if you feel any attraction – something which you can’t decipher on your phone.

make plans

Stay mysterious

If you keep things short and sweet, your match will be more interested in you. Don’t be too available. It can send the wrong message and you’re more likely to be ghosted if you come across too keen. Be kind but don’t tell your life story all in one sitting.

Stay mysterious

Don’t take it personally

If you ever find yourself being ghosted, don’t take it personally. See it as a blessing and be thankful you just dodged a bullet. If you’ve been talking to someone for longer than four days and he still hasn’t asked to meet you, it might be worth you ghosting them.

Don’t take it personally