beverly-knightK by Beverly Knight is a long awaited product range by our very own UK soul superstar. Intensifying her talents and creating a cosmetics brand to meet beauty industry needs, this essential brand caters to the needs of dark and black skins satisfying a large variety of skin and tone with 15 products and 78 shades.

As a make-up artist myself I know all too well how limited UK brands are when finding foundations for richer skin tones. So as always here at Flavour we wanted to get the low down with the very busy Beverly Knight on this exciting new make-up line.

Which product largely motivated you to create this brand?
The lack of bases around for dark skin was the prompt. The darker your skin, the harder it is to find cosmetic ranges that cater for you. Many were simply not dark enough, or only offered a couple of colour choices that were somehow meant to work for the entire spectrum of dark skins.

Can you explain the main benefits of your products?
The main benefit is the higher concentration of pigment in each product. It means the colours in my cosmetics really do show up on all dark skins without changing tone, but also complement the skin too.

Why do you feel it’s essential to get your brand out there?
There has always been a huge gap in the market and therefore, a huge demand for more choice in colours for darker skins. It is inconceivable to think of another season passing without this chasm being addressed. As a black woman who wears make-up as part and parcel of my job, I know firsthand how frustrating it is to scour the shelves looking for something that isn’t there.

beauty 3Can you provide an insight into your daily regime?
I am fastidious about cleansing, toning and moisturising my skin twice daily. Added to that I follow a healthy lifestyle (had to cut down on eating sweets!) and my skin has benefitted greatly from it. Essentially, I never, ever go to bed without washing the make-up from my face.

What are your 5 must have products from the range?
I love the full coverage foundation; no 3 (great for me on stage), the mascara is also fab, in black, all the lip glosses, the matt primer (essential for me to prevent a shiny nose) and finally the matt compact powder; no 2.

Do you have any make-up application tips for our readers?
Blend, blend and blend! The only hard line that looks good on your face when applying make-up is eyeliner on the lid!!!!! Go easy, build colour up bit by bit until you are happy with the look.

Lead the stampede and find ‘Beverley’s new cosmetics range for dark skins, ‘K by Beverley Knight’ at Selfridges and online now.

beauty 1Words by Lea James

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