I couldn’t help myself, I had to write this. Kali Uchis & Doja Cat are 2 artists I’m feeling right now. Check them out below and you will see why.

Let’s start with the Columbian bombshell that goes by the name of Kali Uchis. Close your eyes for a moment when playing her music and you could think you are listening to a re-incarnation of Amy Winehouse or even a young Erykah Baddu.

Kali Uchis – Know What I Want

Now open your eyes and POW you could be mistaken for a moment, thinking that its Iggy Azalea. I’m not sure whether Kali Uchis would like my comparisons, but for the sake of this article, she might understand where I’m coming from, in order to paint you all a clearer picture of this amazingly talented singer.

Her soulful singing style and melodious rhythms will have you hooked in moments. I’m telling you. I love this girl, she is pretty spectacular. Every song I listen to Kali Uchis seems to be a hit with me. Such easy listening and cool, vibrant, yet calm sounds, I could play her music all day long. Especially if you want to relax and chill or take the weight off, from a hard days work.

Kali Uchis – What They Say

Impressive isn’t she? Now sit back and take a look and listen at A Glimpse Into “Por Vida”. The video below was directed and edited by the stunner herself. Por Vida is Kali Uchis’ 2015 mixtape, which I still can’t believe its a FREE download. Music this good is worth paying for.

Yes you heard me, It’s a FREE download so what are you waiting for? Download the mixtape now and sit back and relax to the chilled vibrations from Kali Uchis and check out her uber stylish and sexy gallery below.

Follow Kali on www.kaliuchis.com and twitter.com/kaliuchis

And now its time to take a look at Doja Cat. This amazing singer/rapper gets me so high. Which is also the name of one of her tracks below.

Her salacious tracks are simply infectious, with a cross-mix of singing and rapping to melodious slow tracks, Doja Cat will make realise that its time to sit back and relax and enjoy her blissful music. She stats in her track below, that she’s got so much bars – no police.

Like Kalis above, Doja Cat also has a very unique statement style which is a stark contract from her music. Her hairstyles change all the time, and she can rock any hairstyle in totally unique and stylist fashion. Did I mention how pretty she is too?

Absolutely Beautiful, take a look at her image gallery below. What a stunner eh?


You can follow Doja Cat on facebook and twitter and if you want to blow your mind, you need to take a look at her instagram.