Our girl of the moment Kali Uchis has just released the new video for RUSH. The soulful vocalist is back again with a tune and video that we simply had to feature as Smash Of The Week.

The video see’s Kali in 70’s style theme, licking lollipops, floating in a pool and roller skating in short, shorts and more. Now here’s the headfuck, how did producers BADBADNOTGOOD and Kaytranada manage to make an upbeat song, still sound slow enough to keep within Kali’s style? Pure genius if you ask me. The songs albeit it a slightly slow-paced song has an underlying beat that makes its funky and danceable. Every time I listen to it, I get a feeling of nostalgia, a slight Austin Powers feeling, a feeling that makes me want to hear this song after I have had a drink and want to get my dance on.

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Not the ravin type of dance, you know that dance you do when your feeling nice, that dance that you do with yourself, the club could be packed or empty, it doesn’t make a difference, in that moment you are happy, happy right there, right now.

Kali Uchis says,

I was inspired by Quentin Tarantino, freedom, revolution, euphoria, nature, unity. My hope is that while watching this video you will find a moment of peace in this world full of images of violence and injustice.

With surprise appearances at Coachella last month alongside collaborators Tyler, the Creator and Kaytranada, features on the former’s new album ‘Cherry Bomb’, two sold-out London dates and a performance at Great Escape next week, 21-year-old Uchis appears set to make her mark as the most exciting and promising new talent to emerge in recent years.

Watch the trailer for Por Vida here and watch the video for the release’s lead track “Know What I Want” here.

FREE DOWNLOAD: ‘Por Vida’ is available to download via

I’m loving Kali Uchis more and more, if you don’t know her yet, its time to join the cool kids and follow Kali. Believe me, some of you simply won’t be ready for this.