In the music scene where genres are now seen as boundaries to creativity KWM are the personification of that new wave (so to speak) of artist/s breaking free of the shackles of genres and just melding, fusing sounds for a wonderful alchemy.

Hailing from the Caribbean the duo of Nashi and Bless X first found acclaim for their 2014 release Ghetto Born-MTV duloy co-signed their project.

This year KVM returned with their brilliant single, World Keeps Spinning featuring the vocals from Alyssa McDoom. It’s already getting major love as a summer anthem that fuses their dancehall backgrounds with that EDM sound.

Flavour decided to have a chat with the duo to get more of an insight into their sound and of course their musical journey.

Your music has been described as ‘electronic art-rock’ explain why your previous material was classified as urban/dancehall?
Well, we did an Album last year for one of Vybz Kartel’s protege Jah Vinci entitled Ghetto Born and we came up with a mixture of traditional Dancehall and urban crossover tracks hence the classification. There were a couple big tracks with the likes of Beenie Man and Junior Reid.

So why the transition in sounds if you class it as a transition?
Well, the transition in sound was always there owing to the fact that we not only grew up listening to Dancehall/reggae music but loved the old disco/alternative music. So we decided to embark on that journey which this year you will see a lot more of from us.

Are you creating (not necessarily trying) a new genre of music?
We don’t really regard it as trying a new thing but exploring our creative side and opening up ourselves to socially, acceptable “World Music”. If you observe how the new age dancehall music is nowadays it’s very diverse mixing and matching all types of genres.

So World Keeps Spinning-Alyssa McDoom how did that hook-up come about?
Alyssa is actually Nashi’s niece with a wonderful and powerful voice. She is young, vibrant and currently perfecting her art form at a music school and has great plans for the future. This track was nurtured by Alyssa, Nashi and RichThane in the STUDIO one day with Alyssa’s vocals it all came out naturally. World Keeps Spinning is just the term we came up with to give meaning to what most people face in life and this track represents a feel good vibe to Let go of any troubles.

How do you intend to follow things up?
We are currently working on a deep house Remix of the track which is geared towards the UK and euro market which we will be utilizing to propel the original single and have many more tracks in the store. We are also working with a young lady named Emelee who had a big track Featuring Daddy Yankee previously so listen for great things to come.