Kaspersky Lab have come up with this thought provoking video giving us a brief look into the future of the net, from cyber crime to big brother recording everything we do.

When it comes to making you stop what you’re doing to take a couple of minutes out to think about what the future holds for us all technology wise, this video for Kaspersky Lab certainly hits you on the head like a hammer.

Whilst starting off in today’s world in a simple studio warehouse, walking through different futuristic scenes then eventually coming full circle into today’s world, while asking the questions which cross most our minds on a regular basis, is not only intriguing but makes us question exactly how safe are we with all this technology taking over our lives.

What makes this intriguing aren’t the questions that are asked but the whole visual creativity and effects that have been carefully chosen to lure you in, this works so well. We all know most people don’t listen to the dialogue most of the time so your visuals have to be really strong to attract your audience.  Giving the audience/potential customer an insight into what the future may hold and look like is a brilliant concept.

It may only be a short commercial video but its innovation takes us on a journey into the virtually unknown, tells us a story that we need to hear in order for the not so tech savvy of us out here that we need to protect ourselves from the constant threat we face with our online lives. I say overall this commercial is a job well done.

You can also watch the Behind the Scenes: The Making of Kaspersky Lab’s What’s Next Video

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