Katie Chimes is a chi­ro­prac­tor and cur­rently lives in Fin­land. Fit­ness and Weight train­ing have always a pas­sion of hers as well as wellbeing and fitness. We take a moment to get to know her health and fitness regime and what inspired her to get into fitness.

What inspired you to get into fitness?
Fitness has been a part of my life since a very young age. I started running at the age of 6 and swimming at the age of 7. I competed nationally in both sports and then moved onto triathlons. My swimming coach got me into weight training at the age of 13 however by the age of 19 I got into weight training more seriously.

How long have you been training?
You could say that I have been training all of my life (well since the age of 6). I would say I have been weight training more seriously for 13 years

How do you train?
I now do most of my training in the gym. My sessions consist of mainly cardio and weights. I also still run outside a little (when it’s not raining )

What does an average workout consist of for you?
If I’m training twice a day, I will do a cardio session only in the morning and then a weights session in the evening. However if training once a day then I will do a combination of 30-40 minutes cardio followed by a high intensity weight circuit after.

How about nutrition? do you follow a diet?
In the last year and a half I have made changes to my diet by re-introducing raw food juicing into my daily eating plan. I generally like to keep to a lower carbohydrate type diet however I must admit I do like my treats at the weekend.

What does an average days food look like for you?
I aim to eat for 4 meals a day. My first meal will be around 8 or 9am(after training and depending on my work schedule). I will always eat after my morning training and never before. My second meal will be around 12noon, third meal around 3pm and my final meal around 6.30/7pm(work depending or whether I do a second workout of the day)

  • Meal 1: Generally every morning and after morning training I’ll have a raw food green juice. I will then either have some oats with nuts and seeds or if wanting to get leaner I’ll have some form of protein (fish, meat or whole egg) with nuts. I also have a spoon full or coconut oil.
  • Meal 2: Fish and eggs with salad (My current favorite is mixing Sardines in Oil or Mackerel with a whole
  • egg with some form of veg or salad, plus loads of black pepper and a little lemon juice.)
  • Meal 3: Protein with salad
  • Meal 4: Fish, Chicken or form of red meat with veg. I love my evening meals so will have a lot of veg or salad

What are your future goals
I would like to move back to the UK within the next 4-6 months. I have always had a dream to move to America – if the right opportunity arose it is something that I would be very likely to pursue. I still want to continue to work as a chiropractor but at the same time I want to get into some more fitness modeling and increase my fitness modeling career.

If you could give our readers one top tip too help them get in shape what would it be?
When someone comes to me and asks for advice to get into shape, the biggest, top tip I always give them is to make sure you have a good goal or a good reason to get into good shape in the first place. A good, strong goal dictates the mindset; it controls how you train and what you eat. It is what gets you up to train at 5.30 in the morning when it’s cold and wet outside or makes you train after work when you are tired. A strong goal also keeps you eating the right foods and keeps you dedicated. By simply saying “I want to lose weight” is not going to stop you from reaching for a burger or sweets and saying “I’ll start again tomorrow”.

If people would like too get in touch what is their best way too contact you?
Visit my website

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