Ah, the 80s. Rar-ra skirts, ghetto-blasters, the era that sense and style forgot….. Remember watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and flipping pogs as your parents did that weird, dinosaur-hands shuffle dance whilst sipping babycham, looks of bliss on their faces as Luther Vandross and his ilk blared out of your brand new CD player? Well, reminisce no more, for Loose Ends (previously named The Real Thing) with their distinctive smooth eighties crooning and Isley-Brothers-esque electric guitar are officially back.

As I enter The Indigo Lounge’s Ultimate Boogy Night, I manfully don my leg warmers and join the throng of enthusiastic ….well….boogying. The adorable DJ with his huge fro busts out all classic 80s soul hits. ‘Weeeee are famileeeee’ I yell enthusiastically, waving my hands in the air (like I just don’t care). I’m surprised to glance around and notice a number of fellow 20-somethings indulging in the same behaviour, so apparently this isn’t just a night to send your Mum to.

What’s lovely about this event is the lack of posturing and bitchiness which can sometimes characterize a night out in the city. Everyone is too busy dancing and smiling to keep one eye on the door.

I’m genuinely taken aback by the sheer power and depth of her voice. She belts out the classics like a true 80s powerhouse as though it requires no effort at all. As she shoops and shimmies, it’s clear Kay Jay has found a new musical home and it’s therefore unsurprising to learn that she is currently working on some new material. With such abundant talent, I’ll be keeping a close eye on this rising starlet.

For more info on Kay Jay go to her website.

Review of Kay Jay at The Indigo Lounge on Saturday 22nd May 2010

Words by: Natasha Devon