One of the UK’s most renowned DJ’s marks her return from performances in Hong King, Mumbai and Monte Carlo with the release of her debut single Magic Faces; December 2nd. 80’s & 90’s R&B, Minneapolis Funk, French Disco and Chicago House, Magic Faces represents a fusion of Kayper’s eclectic musical tastes and influences.

Kayper recently played this year’s MTV Europe Music Awards in Amsterdam, and it is this talent that has seen the Londoner span every corner of the globe. There is not a venue that the Croydon native leaves unturned; Miami, Cannes and Australia all just a handful of the destinations she has conquered, whilst tours of Asia and South Africa lay ahead on the horizon!

Having worked with a broad array of artists (ranging from Angel Haze to Drake to Guru (Gangstarr) and Engine EarzMagic Faces; in the DJ’s own words, promises is a track brimming with ‘Bass’ and ‘Vibes;’ the only way to begin the ascent to 2014!

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