pick and mix hair styling

Styling your hair isn’t as simple as slapping on some hairspray and giving it the hold of Amy Winehouse’s beehive circa 2006. It’s a delicate process, an art form of sculpting and weaving and regular maintenance.

But you don’t have to create the follicle equivalent of the Sistine Chapel on your lonesome. Like any master craftsperson, we can recommend you a few tools to help you gain mastery over your hair.

So take a look at all the products we’ve found for you. Who knows what you might take your fancy.

Vegan shampoos

Ignoring the ideological reasons behind turning vegan, using produce that’s ethically made has become a bit of a badge of honour in fashion.

In the same way that hugging into a Labrador on your Instagram profile makes you look like an animal lover, having a ‘cruelty-free’ logo on your shampoo bottle will make you look like a caring and socially conscious individual.

If you’d like to find out which shampoos are entirely vegan and cruelty-free, we’d recommend checking out the PETA site for a full list of vegan shampoos.

Keep it dry

There’s nothing quite like using a luxury hairdryer to keep those follicles looking beautiful after you’ve come out of the shower. Your luscious locks deserve an unparalleled opulence, and only the finest hairdryers will suffice.

While there are many hairdryers available (and far too many for a listicle like this), we can give you a few tips on the kind of hairdryer you should be looking for.

For maximal quality and comfort, search for a hairdryer that has a heat-proof body, simple-to-use temperature controls, and precise power settings.

The general rule of thumb is this – a cheap hairdryer won’t provide you with a high-quality finish, but a lavishly expensive one can give you sleek hair that never disappoints.

Terrific curls

Now that you’ve completed your basic hair maintenance, it’s time to treat those fine follicles to something a little more special.

Hair curling requires an amazing set of curlers to ensure you don’t singe your hair beyond good health. Buy a cheap hair curler and you might as well burn your locks with a lighter, such is their poor quality.

But the most expensive curlers won’t be necessary. A mid-range product will suffice, and can give you the hair you need if used properly.

Some extra shine

A quick Google of ‘haircare products’ will produce a mind-boggling number of products for you to purchase, so many that you’d be right to assume that many were little more than snake oil in a bottle.

To ensure you don’t waste your money, we’d recommend only purchasing products from your standard providers. Chain stores like Boots come highly recommended, but we’d also give a special mention to shops like Lush and The Body Shop, which provide exemplary haircare products.

As you might expect, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fantastic hair treatments. If you’d like to share your own tips for amazing ways to keep your follicles fresh, let us know in the comments below!