Okay….. So anyone who truly loves music will have fallen victim to watching reality TV shows such as MTV’s Making The Band or Breaking From Above and seen the ‘So Called’ struggle of trying to make it in the music industry. I say ‘So Called’ not to discredit the artists, because although these shows feature real artists just like myself trying to achieve their dreams they also have huge TV or record label deals behind them. As well as having a team of experts supporting them for example choreographers, vocal coaches and even if they don’t make the cut they gain HUGE media exposure…. So I ask the question ‘Is this really reality?’

I started this column as an up and coming singer/songwriter who had already experienced my fair share of highs and lows in the music industry I was invited to share with the Flavourmag readers my personal journey, the truth about both the highs and lows of trying to make it without all of the perks of a reality TV show. But then life threw me a curveball by presenting me with an opportunity to become a TV presenter for MTV ‘Wrap up’ and I figured “Why not”.

My Article will feature everything I get up to on my journey as an up & coming TV Presenter / Singer-Songwriter. I will document the highs and the lows and of course the unexpected twists and turns to my journey. You’ll also hear all the behind the scenes gossip from the industry events that I manage to blag myself into…

I introduce you to ‘Keeping it Real’….


Hey Flavour Mag readers, Thanks for returning to read part 9 of my column ‘Keeping it real’.

Its 12.30pm at night and it’s the only time I have had to write my column. I’ve been super busy lately, but I am positive it’s better to be busy than bored. Both the music and TV industries are never easy industries to be in if you want a good work / life balance. You always seem to have to juggle so much and when you are on your way up you have to grab every opportunity with both hands so it can often become over whelming. But I guess this week I had to have a little word with myself and remind myself that we work to live not live to work… When you love your work it can sometimes take over and the line can become blurred.

So I decided to join the gym with my Mr and decided to try and dedicate time for us to go at least 3 times a week. It’s not been easy making time with so much going on but as a former dancer who was used to exercising for hours every day it’s important for me to stay in shape and get moving again. I’ve learned that to have a healthy mind you have to have a healthy body too. So if you’re out there fighting for your dreams and your finding the desire to succeed is taking over and becoming overwhelming – don’t let it take over!!! Remember a work / life balance is so important and even if it’s going to the gym for an hour with your partner or a lunch with your best friend…. Make time! It will make you more efficient in work any way if you’ve had a break, it certainly works for me.

So I’ve been filming GRM News each week and it’s so much fun, like any new career you have to work at your craft and I feel like working the with the GRM Daily team I am really finding my stride as a presenter and discovering the way I like to work. I’m working with a great producer Christopher Cargill and we now have another valuable member to recently join the GRM News team a young film maker in the making Mr Reiss Hall. We have a tonne of giggles each week and the viewer’s really seem to be enjoying the outtakes that we add into the end of each news and viewing numbers have even gone up to so that’s always a massive compliment.

Check out the latest episode of the GRM News here.

I was also on the ‘Pardon My Talent’ judging panel after being invited by my MTV ‘Wrap Up’ pal and ruthless ‘Pardon My Blog’ creator Mr Poetical. I’ve also been in talks about doing a radio show with a London radio station, but what I really can’t wait for is to get back stage at Wireless festival again this year for MTV ‘Wrap Up’ to interview all the artists. It was so much fun last year I can hardly wait! Bring on the festival season!!!


EVENT: Pardon My Talent
VENUE: Guanabara – Covent Garden.
INVITED BY: Pardon My Blog creator Mr Poetical.
WHO WAS THERE: Blogger Mr Poetical, GRM Daily Presenter Poet, RWD Editor Nardene Samuels, UK Rapper Pepstar. Various industry bods.
DRINKS: Happy hour cocktails.
FOOD: Lovely cupcakes in Red Velvet, Vanilla & Chocolate Malteser flavour…Yummy!
GOODIE BAG: No goodie bags.

So I was invited to an event called ‘Pardon My Talent’ an event created and hosted by my good friend Ra’ed aka Mr Poetical. It’s an event spin off from his now famous and ruthless urban lifestyle blog www.PardonMyBlog.co.uk .

The talent show consisted of ten performers that are whittled down by the three judges to five acts and then to the final three singers before the audience cheer loudly over the head of their favourite contestant to crown their winner. The event was a fun version of X Factor with a brilliant and incredibly funny host in the form of KG he comedian. KG was on top comedic form providing the audience with tonnes of laughs throughout the show often spoofing on reality talent shows such as X Factor and The Voice. The winner wins the fabulous prize of a sit down with the management of US superstar Nicki Minaj.

There was so much talent that graced the stage last night ….
pmb 2

But my three picks of the night had to go too:

*E3 Brothers – @E3BrothersUK

*4Real – @4RealMusic1

and the winner of the night …..

*Whitney Williams – @Whitneysingsahh

Overall I had a great night and I am excited to announce I have been invited to be on the judging panel at the next ‘Pardon My Talent’ event! So keep an eye out for information on twitter @PardonMyBlog and @Shanie_MissJinx .

I look forward to seeing you all there!

UP & COMING….. @E3BrothersUK

This week’s up & coming spot is from one of the acts I championed from the ‘Pardon My Talent’ show case I attended on Monday night…

E3 Brothers UKIts goes to 3 brothers who are not only amazing vocalists but also musicians with a cheeky sense of humour. Although none of their video’s even do them justice live as they blew me away at the event. Please do check out the latest cover from male vocal harmony group E3 Brothers.




and also one of my favourite songs the E3 Brothers cover of Frank Ocean’s ‘Thinkin bout you’


As an up & coming artist or presenter you’re not going to start out earning the big bucks so for now it’s all about the freebies Lol…..

This week I want to say a big thank you to Nike UK for kitting me out with some gorgeous wedged trainers.

Nike wedges


As well as some custom made Nike ID’ trainers in my favourite colour green complete with my nickname “Miss Jinx” stitched on the back. (Thanks Nana)


@TheDailyLove – Persist at your dreams until the universe has no choice but to hand it over to you! #YouCanDoIt #TDL


By Shanie Ryan… Presenter / Singer / Songwriter

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