Her debut single ‘Tick Tok’ is one of the most played songs on radio and is currently the sixth best-selling single in digital history. With this in mind you surely would have heard the name Ke$ha, an ex waitress who was so anxious to make it in the music industry she broke into, superstar Prince’s house to hand him her demo. Famous for her gold metal bangles with spikes, wild blonde hair and coloured eye make-up Ke$ha bought her “Get Sleazy” tour to Birmingham on Sunday 3rd July, with as expected a lot of energy some breath-taking stage effects, bags of glitter and more glitter. Originally, I wasn’t a very big fan, but she somehow managed to convert me with her non-stop craziness.

I was also slightly uncertain about the show as I have never seen her live and from her records you can tell her voice is, to some extent, auto tuned but overall the show was great. A man dressed in a costume accompanied by a pair of testicles, glitter cannons and people dancing around in glitter nappies were all part of her stage act. The crowd of mostly teenage girls present were covered in facial paint, wearing loose shirts with more glitter and sparkle than an Easter egg. At one point, she was playing various different instruments, acting as her own DJ and dancing on her knees. From the time she came on until the end it was like a big house party, that you wished would never end. It was a great pop night out.

Opening acts: LMFAO and Natalia Kills.

Favorite moment: Ke$ha inviting a member of the audience on stage and giving them a lap dance was quite surreal but also pretty cringing.

Songs performed: Take it Off, Blow, Animal, The Herald Song, Sleazy, Cannibal, Your Love is My Drug, Tik Tok, Blah Blah Blah, Party at a Rich Dudes House, Backstabber and Dinosaur.

Rating: 7/10

Review by Noel Phillips



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