Awkward moments happen to almost everyone. It’s how you recover that makes the difference between wanting to descend into obscurity, but imagine taking a twenty-hour flight to perform and literally nobody shows up. Well, this is exactly what happened to Keri Hilson.

According to OMG Ghana, those present at the singer’s show which took place in the Nigerian capital Abuja, report that it was a complete flop, and even posted photos above showing how empty the venue was.

 So three years on after expressing her dislike for R&B superstar Beyonce, is the ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ songstress now facing the consequences?

From being subjected to constant abuse on Twitter as well as allegedly been attacked in the past by Beyonce fans, is Keri now living to regret her actions?

Though, it should be noted she may well have a legitimate reason for speaking out against the ‘Single Ladies’ songbird, but on this occasion Beyonce may well be having the last laugh.