Were you unable to attend church this weekend? Not to worry; you’re in for a treat from Kid Gospel. Taken from his latest mixtape, ‘I’m Doing Me Part Two,’ the rapper ascends to a higher place of consciousness on his brand new single, ‘Successful.’ Up-and-coming singer Rasharn Powell, who features on the track, delivers the infectious Biblically-allusive chorus, while showcasing his powerful pipes.

“You always have a choice about how you feel and I want to feel like I am going to be successful,” Kid Gospel explains. “I’m going to do me to get there and I think that’s what everyone else should feel.”

The 18-year-old rapper also emphasises just how much he’s keen make his dream a reality, “On a music front I feel like I’ve been working at this for years but there still so much to do. I want to be very successful. I have big dreams. Nothing will stop me and a lot of the things my parents and management have told me over the years are starting to come true,” he says.

The accompanying music video for Successful, finds the rapper pouring out his load, while providing inspiration to anyone in need of some uplifting guidance. Kid Gospel’s mixtape, ‘I’m Doing Me Part Two’ is available to download here. Watch the video below.