Actress, DJ and stunning model Kim Lee talks dating with, Kim Lee was voted #1  2011 FHM Sexiest Women of the World and you may also remember Kim Lee from the Hangover 2.

Kim Lee, is right up there in terms of selfie perfection, take a look at her instagram account and you will see that she can give Kim Kardashian a run for her money.

kim lee

We asked Kim 10 dating questions and this is what she said. Is it OK for women to ask a guy out on a first date?
I think it’s fine to ask a guy out on the first date… Just make it casual. Like let’s grab lunch and from there you’ll be able to tell if u want to go for dinner next.

If a women asked a guy on a first date, should she also pay the bill?
I think she should since she invited him but as a man he should pick it up that would probably make her feel like “okay he likes me and he’s a gentleman”.

Give us we do’s and 3 do not’s on a first date.
Do pick up the bill, be yourself, be on time! Don’t be on the phone all the time, don’t talk about the ex, don’t drink too much alcohol.

What’s your biggest misconception of men while you was growing up?
That all men are the same but I guess there are good ones out there.

On a bad date what would be your exit strategy?
I would tell him I have an early flight to catch or I need to be up early and probably won’t call him again.

Do women really kiss and tell?
We talk just as much as guys maybe a lil bit more. But I personally keep my personal life to myself.

Whats the funniest chat up line you have ever heard?
If I was a police officer I would give u a ticket cause you’re fine! Lol.

Name a funny person or character that you would go on a date with?
I would date TED he’s funny and smokes a lot of weed 😉

Worst place to go on a first date?
To the club. Umm how are we suppose to get to know each other?

Best place to go on a first date?
A nice restaurant.

We couldn’t help ourselves and decided to browse over Kim’s instagram account, here’s 10 of our favourite posts.

Kim’s says UGH, we say YUM

Don’t worry Kim, we don’t kiss and tell… 

We already mentioned that she is right up there in terms of selfie perfection

Absolutely stunning, isn’t she?

That photo from Esquire magazine

Insane body

Trying not to repeat ourselves, but oh well. Insane body

Adding a touch of creativity to the selfies

Lucios Lips

Our dream last night, looked like this

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