Kitchen Party’s debut EP ‘11th Floor’ contains enough hook-laden tracks that will grab you by the balls. The London-based three-piece girl group are relatively, and surprisingly, still unheard-of but with an already truly gripping sound, you will soon be singing their name. Their mixtape is full of polished danceable compositions, dubstep rhythmic masterpieces, and quirky falsettos.

Putting the likes of Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey to shame, Kitchen Party brings together some startling ingredients and grills them with bravado and accuracy to create their unique flavour. Of course, this taste is in your ears. And if they weren’t innovating enough, their name Kitchen Party comes from them often raving it up in their shared kitchen.

Mixed by Rinse FM’s DJ Cable, the standout tracks on ‘11th Floor’ are: ‘Straw In The Wind,’ ‘Hate Those Girls’, ‘Lights’ (sample of Nas ‘Life’s A Bitch’) and ‘covers of Aaliyah’s ‘One In A Million’, Supremes ‘Can’t Hurry Love’ and Brandy’s ‘Wanna Be Down’. As Kitchen Party prepare to set assail, the choice is simple: get on board, or drown in their moment of sass.