The new Kit Kat Chunky has arrived in town and its the Double Caramel! The stark contrasting rough with the smooth fillings, a caramel side and a crunchy caramel pieces side makes this Chunky a real hunk of a chocolate bar.

Kit Kat have made a new phrase and a new advert to coincide with the launch of the KitKat Chunky Double Caramel and they have named it #SPLACTING or #SPLACTOR. What does a Splactor do? I hear you ask.

A Splactor is an actor who splits themselves into 2 different characters at the same time. This mean twice the character, twice the movie, twice the payment for the actor and referring back to the KitKat Chunky Double Caramel, it mean twice the flavour and twice the taste.

Watch the video below and let us know if you had to act out 2 characters at once who would they be and why?