Following on from The biggest present EVER! Unboxing the new KLM Boeing 787 Dreamliner, KLM have now released a new Christmas video ‘Bluey and the Christmas Airshow’.

The animated cartoons sees a KLM plane helping out Rudolph the red nose plane at the Christmas Airshow. When everything starts to go wrong, its Bluey the KLM plane to the rescue and needing a miracle to save the day, watch as Bluey turns what would have been catastrophe into something special for Christmas.

This 5 minute film, is perfect to watch with the kids and there are others in the series too. Why not book a flight this year and tell the kids they’ll be flying with Bluey. The perfect Christmas present for young and old alike and guess what? Throughout your family trip with KLM, their mascotte Bluey will pop up. Look out for Bluey at the airport and on board!