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Kners the Bristol emcee has been off the scene for a little bit of time but he returns with a UK hip-hop bit of niceness with the self-explanatory Bristol Grammar.

Kners has been one of the foremost names in the UK game for a minute now and work with US artists as well as UK names has peppered his career so this year get ready for a slew of material.

Last time I spoke to you was some two years ago I remember you had a deal possibly happening with some people from the States what happened there?

A merger happend between Def Jam and Universal Republic. Thus leading to the Universal Motown staff being made redundant-my main link was working for Motown.

What else have you been doing in this period of time?

Continuing to work a 9-5 and becoming a father for the 3rd time.

So you have new fresh material tell me about Bristol Grammar and the inspiration?

Bristol Grammar is just a very true story of my life and will give the listener a true inside look at me as a person.

I saw that your up and coming EP might have Harry Shotta and Roots Manuva on it how did the hook up happen?

The Bristol Grammar EP feat Harry Shotta on a track called UK Grammar. He has liked my music from day dot so when I asked him to jump on the track he was more than happy. He’s good peoples. Roots Manuva is on my next single and will appear on my album due out later on in the year. I have always been a fan of Roots Manuva and he came thru for me at a minute’s notice so I am forever grateful to him.

So what’s in the pipeline generally though-haven’t you got a clothing range?

The main focus this year is to get a few singles out and release my 2nd official Album. I have a clothing company called K-STAR Clothing which you will see featured in my most recent and up and coming videos. You can see some of the ranges in the store section

Lastly, is the hip-hop scene improving in the UK?

Yes the levels are high in the hip-hop scene in the UK. I actually listen now to more hip-hop from these shores than anywhere else.












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