‘If I Told You’ is the fire new single to come from Kenyan born rapper and producer Komanii.

Feel good and fun, the lyrics are taken from previously unreleased songs. Komanii was hit by a wave of creativity and inspiration and found the perfect palace for these unreleased lyrics. The result is a catchy track that tracks the progression of Komanii as both artist and person. Each verse comes from a different stage of his life over the past year. ‘If I Told You’ is also the first single to come from The Sanctuary, Komanii’s brand new studio in Dubai. Self-produced and self-mastered, ‘If I Told You’ is a perfect showcase for the talented young artist and puts him firmly on the map for ones to watch!

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Kenyan born rapper and producer Komanii is making waves worldwide. This eclectic, lovable and self-taught rapper dropped his first EP Niko Tayari in 2018. Since then, Komanii has teamed up with some of the up-and-coming artists in the music industry with features on single Gala with Ayon Mukherji & Elrim and F.O.M with Troye Raustein.

His most recent single ‘Hivi Hivi’ has amassed over 75,000 streams on Spotify since it’s release, proving that the sky’s the limit for this artist!

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