KRAVE_editEvery so often, a new girl band bursts onto the music scene claiming to be the next best thing since Destiny’s Child, however Chanel, Jazzy and Shan Q who make up Upfront Megatainment’s latest signing, KRAVE could really be just that if not more.

Not only do they possess a unique style and amazing, genuine personas, these girls are extremely hardworking and determined, which is evident when you watch them perform. Tight choreographed moves timed with impeccable harmonies rival many already celebrated long serving superstars. “Working with Devyne Stephens and a lot of other people around Atlanta, like Jazze Pha and Akon, they’ve taught us how to work hard. In rehearsal please believe that when we perform, it’s as if we are in front of a large audience in Madison Square Garden,” says vocalist Jazzy. “I would definitely say that we bring the kind of energy and determination that no one has seen in a long time,” concludes rapper, Shan Q.

KRAVE’s style is certainly quirky, without looking gimmicky or forced. The girls are often compared to Grammy Award winning trio TLC in the formulaic sense – let’s look at the credentials: Both groups are out of Atlanta, USA, include a key rapper, and most notably both groups are linked to Devyne Stephens. Three core elements that historically make for a powerhouse girl group. However in a fickle era where girl bands are regularly recycled or chewed up and spat out, KRAVE are resolute on maintaining longevity by keeping their fans entertained, while remaining consistent. “We work for the fans, so we just try to come with something fresh. Our music has substance. But there are also records that you can just dance to in the clubs. They’re all relatable. So I think that’s the main thing. Keep it fresh for the fans so they stay happy,” says youngest member and vocalist, Chanel.

Go Crazy a lively high energy club smash, featuring heavy hitters Flo Rida, Pittbull and Lil Jon, is from KRAVE’s yet to be titled debut CD. The album also features guest appearances from acclaimed rappers Busta Rhymes, Nelly, Twista and Akon, who is also signed to Upfront Megatainment. Production credits include Bangladesh (Ciara, Ludacris, M.I.A), Jazze Pha (Lil Wayne, Big Boi, Missy Elliott) and hot new producers J Mizzle and Crisp Beatz. “This is the next big sensation coming out of Atlanta,’ comments Upfront Megatainment CEO, Devyne Stephens. “I started out with TLC, I knew they were going to be great, and now I’m telling you, the next female group out of Atlanta is KRAVE!” Remember where you heard it first.

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Words by Julia Huie-Martin