kugar black

Kugar Black is a British rapper and producer and has had his debut EP, Playing in The Shadows, available from the 12th March. Playing in The Shadows is a four track EP featuring the songs; Superman, Time, My Love Will Never Die and Always In My Zone.

Kugar Black started rapping at the age of 20 taking influence from modern rappers such as Drake, Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar, but not forgetting about his roots, being brought up on the icons; Elvis Presley, James Brown and Michael Jackson, and the Hip-Hop giants of Run DMC, Cypress Hill and OutKast. Once Kugar started combining his influences, he started to create his own unique style in fashion and music.

Black’s EP has two love songs sandwiched between two powerful trap tracks, the closer – Always In My Zone – boasting oriental material whilst Black depicts his passion for martial arts and anime. The aptly named Superman is a song about pure self-confidence and reaching for greatness. His more personal love centred songs focus on the polar opposites of relationships, Time is about the fairy-tale “love at first sight” moment, whilst My Love Will Never Die, ironically, is about a spiteful relationship full of cheating and lies.

Playing in The Shadows, Kugar Black’s debut EP, is available now from Spotify, iTunes and SoundCloud. Follow his Social Medias to not miss any future releases.