KysheraKyshera are a three-piece Alternative Rock band from South Wales. Formed in 2005, the band consists of James Kennedy, Matt Warr and Rhys Jones. Currently unknown in the mainstream and public eye, they are a band who’s sound resonate the musicality’s of Stereophonics, Muse, and Radiohead. When asked what would be the best word to describe their sound the band members say “Konic”. This means that it has no particular style or represents any specific music scene.

Signed to Konic Records, James, Matt, and Rhys will be set to release Paradigm worldwide through Konic Records on July 12th 2010. Kyshera say that they are a movement and Paradigm (the record) represents a new way of thinking, and is the second album from the Welsh Alternative Rock band. Kyshera are musically intense and at times lyrically dark. This album has certainly blown away all speculation as to whether Made In China could be followed up; it is a world wind of Avant Rock that will leave you wanting more. It’s musical sonic spaces and lyrical messages will leave you stripped. Paradigm begins with a Muse like song entitled If. If has hard-hitting piano chords, and thundering guitars captivating the listener with James’ soulful and strong rock suited voice. The albums track title Paradigm is very grunge worthy, and should be a hit in the underground music scene in Wales, if not world over. The guitars play to a great rhythm section, and James discusses political views and emotional views on this in depth number.

Jeff Buckley could easily sing Willing Prey, as the song reaches heights of greatness. Kyshera are gifted musicians, able to draw your attention to the voice, instruments, and lyrics. Lust is an up beat crowd pleaser, and possibly the poorest song off of Paradigm. Another piano intro song is for Element, and at times the songs feel as though you have heard it before on the album, which is the problem for a lot of independent Alternative Rock artists. They can lose control over originality and get too carried away with trying to be too “Alternative”.

Perhaps not original enough, however, Fiction is like drinking twenty red bulls in ten minutes, a big musical head rush, for the mind, body and spirit. Kill The Messenger takes a little time to get into the groove; it’s a spacey and cosmic rock song. Moments Of Silence is extremely impressive, showing off the bands true acoustic talents, setting the atmosphere and mood for the moment. Overall, this new Alternative Rock band from South Wales finish the album professionally on Coalition.

Kyshera - Paradigm

Words by Matthew Rhys Daniel