Bluey Robinson’s track ‘Showgirl’ has been reworked by Labrinth and is now available for free download, as part of the Reebok campaign ‘Reethym of Lite’.

The campaign came to life last month, with a huge launch in New York, packed full of big stars like Pharrell, P.Diddy and industry icon Clive Davis. Alicia Keys was also there to support her husband Swizz Beatz whose collaboration with ‘Reebok Classics’ to create ‘Reethym of Lite’, has seen his interpretations of the brand brought to the fore. Celebrating new ‘Reebok Lite’ clothing and footwear collection, they have brought together the much loved classics designs with new techology for an edgy twist.

The original ‘Showgirl’ track was produced by Labrinth for Bluey, but the newest version is the producers own recreation with a fresh vibe and added vocals. Don’t miss out, download the track for free now find out how to win exclusive tickets to see Labrinth headline at Reebok’s event later in the year.

To download the track and find out more about the competition, visit the JD Sports – Reethym of Lite Facebook page and don’t forget to follow the campaign on Twitter @Reebok.




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