Grammy nominated US rnb stars, J.Holiday and Trey Songz, graced The Indig02 with their presence on Sunday night (29 March 2009). If you were under 16, you should’ve probably stayed home. As a matter of fact J.Holiday’s dirty dance moves, which resembled sex acts, is the reason why the concert should’ve been age certified.

Let’s just say his song Bed is the only reason his behaviour is excusable. I guess you can’t blame a brother for feeling the lyrics- even though it was a bit too much for me! But from the sound of their orgasmic like screams the rest of the ladies present didn’t seem to mind.

Nevertheless, the audience enjoyed doing the classic waving hands while he sang through his biggest slow jams. His song list included Bed, Be With You and the heartfelt Suffocate. Damn, why couldn’t they just perform on Valentines Day?

I can assure you know that no thongs were thrown onto the stage however J.Holiday was throwing his sweaty towels to the audience, which two girls had a row over.

In between the breaks, MTV’s Kat was doing a double role of hosting and dancing while the DJ played funky tunes and single along tracks that got the crowd singing karaoke style.

What was obvious is that only a minority of the audience were there for poor old J.Holiday; the audience were waiting for the other star. Yes, you guessed right, Trey Songz.

There’s something about Trey they say. Whatever it is, he burst onto the stage with a white jumper, shirt and a chain hanging low and didn’t waste no time serenading the ladies with that oh-so-famous sexy smirk of his.

Trey Songz kept the audience going with tunes like Girl Tonight, Missing You and Wonder Woman. The women in the crowd pointed at themselves chanting, “I’m your wonder woman Trey!” Too bad he didn’t take any notice.

The highlight of Trey’s performance would have to be when he sang the Bryan-Michael Cox produced Last Time. Somewhere on that stage a chair was brought in for Trey to sit on and as the light dimmed in the arena, the audience knew they were about to hear a Trey ballad. As expected he poured his heart out on the track, which describes a man who lives a double life, when he starts to cheat.

But the depressing mood of the song lyrics didn’t last for long as Trey started to take his shirt off to sing his popular single Can’t Help But Wait from the movie soundtrack to Step Up 2. I can still hear the screams ringing in my ears! I could hear a girl next to me shouting continuously ‘Trey you too sexy’, while I was thinking don’t you think he already knows that?

As Trey continued to have all the women working up a heavy sweat, it’s clear that this 24-year-old not only has a great career ahead of him but also a crowd that just didn’t want him to leave the stage.









Words by Nadifa Sheikhey, Photography by Lillian Ampon



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